MECC USG-103 - Machine - 立耀電子股份有限公司-服務光學鍍膜、IR CUT FILTER 立耀電子股份有限公司 REYO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD
Optical Filter / 光學濾光片
ISO 9001 認證




Driver Electronics for FPD Model USG-103

The Model USG-103 is a driver electronics to illuminate and test
smallor medium size Flat Panel Displays (FPD)such as OLED and LCD.

The device integrates all power supplies and signal generators necessary
for driving  FPDs and users can easily program and edit driving data
(test programs)

A remote controller is optionally available for production use.


--  Both OLED and LCD panels can be tested only with the USG-103.
     The USG can test op produce both OLED and LCD panels.
--  Quick start-up and shut-off because of no OS.
     The USG-103 does not make use of OS,so it saves much operation time.

--  Use of a-Si and LPTS as platforms.
     The USG-103 can use a-Si (amorphous Silicon) or LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon)
     as platforms to test and produce a variety of panels.

--  A maximum of 99 test data can be created and stored
     Users can easily make test data  by themselves, so changeover of models can be quickly made.

--  Application for automatic testing.
     As the USG-103 can be remote-controlled via RS-232C, test can be automated.