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LCD / OLED Test Devices

LCD / OLED Test Devices


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LCD Panel Test Systems
‧Signal Generators to drive LCD panels
‧Devices to drive and illuminate multiple LCD. Aging systems for LCD
‧Machine vision systems for screen defects


High-frequency-related Test Systems
‧Test systems for TV tuners
‧Test systems for FM/AM radios
‧Systems to measure error rates for the output from digital
 broadcasting tuners

Nanofiber-related Devices
‧Devices to create nanofiber samples for laboratories

OLED Panel Test Systems
‧Signal generators for PM-OLED panels
‧Signal generators for AM-OLED panels
‧Aging systems for OLED panels

CATV-related Devices
‧Uplink-channel digital transmitter/receiver
‧Retransmission devices for digital terrestrial broadcasting

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LCD / OLED Test Devices

LCD / OLED Test Devices