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 Large LCD testing devices

LVDS-input Module Driver  SGX-01 

The SGX-01 is a signal generator to drive LCD panels with LVDS input for high vision and FULL HD systems. Test images are created and displayed using test pattern data memorized in a flash memory integrated to the remote controller.

Signal Generator for LCD Cells  LDU-501 


 Midium and Small LCD Devices 

Universal LCD Panel Driver  LDU-01B 

LDU-01B is a universal signal generator for p-Si TFT-LCD panels used for cellular phones and digital cameras, etc. which can input both digital video signals (8Bit) and analog video signals. (a-Si TFT-LCD passes via TAB IC) The resolution is up to QXGA (2048 X 1536) and meets requirements for 4096 horizontal dots (including blanking) and 4096 vertical lines (2V including blanking). Timing signals such as the clock signal and the start signal, and the video signal can be made with every single clock of the master clock (MCK), so any timing signal can be created and edited quickly and easily. The device has 8 channels of power supplies from V1 to V8, featuring high power output. A maximum of 64 test conditions can be made by the combination of 32 different voltage and signal level setting of timing signals and video signals.


Signal Generator for Analog-Drive LCD Panels  ATG-01 

ATG-01 is a signal generator to drive p-Si TFT LCD panels with analog inputs for such applications as cellular phones and digital cameras.
Its resolution goes up to4096 horizontal dots (including a blanking period) X 4096 vertical lines (2V including a blanking period.)
Such signal as clock signals and start signals can be created in the unit of one clock of the master clock, so any timing signals can be quickly and easily generated and edited.
There are four channels of power supply outputs as V1 to V4. With the combination of 32 timing signals, 32 video signals the maximum of 64 test conditions can be preprogrammed.


 OLED testing devices 
Universal OLED Panel Driver  OEL-10 

OEL-10 is a universal signal generator designed for driving p-Si AM LCD and/or OLED panels with analog video signal (voltage) inputs. It corresponds to a single-phase to 8-phase color driving.
Panels can be evaluated with moving pictures by NTSC and still pictures by internal memory.
32 channels of drive signals can adjust function for phase and rise/fall time. A maximum of 64 different panel data can be programmed.


AM-OLED Panel Driver  AMD-01 

AMD-01 is a device to generate and output signals necessary to drive active matrix OLED panels made with a-Si or LTPS. The device can be used for driving sample panels for evaluations in required test conditions and/or aging (burn-on). There are 6 channels output per block and there are 10 blocks. ( a total of 60 channels) One block can illuminate a panel or a sample. The signal output conditions can be programmed on the device via RS-232C port.

※Cables or probes to drive and illuminate cells are not included.


Aging/Evaluation System for OLED Materials  OMA-01 


Chracteristics Test System for PM-OLED Panels  PMT-01 

Visual tests, and Open/Short and Breakdown tests can be done only with it !

Machine Vision System for Flat Display Panels  FVT-12T 

FVT-12T is a system to evaluate flat display panels (QVGA) typically used for cellar phones and PDAs by detecting dot/line defects with programmable test limits.
The system taking advantage of a 10M-pixel CCD camera that can capture an entire panel image at once enables high-speed measurement for inspections used a line scan camera.
It detects the number of pixels, array information and edge (effective emission of light area) automatically, users can set panel easily. In addition, judgements are not personal uneven, it improves inspection result of reliabilit.

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MECC LCD/OLED Test Devices

LCD / OLED Test Devices